Vacation a Beautiful Thing

June 28, 2007 at 6:10 pm (Solo Parenting)

img_6963.jpg img_6984.jpg img_7024.jpg img_6948.jpg img_7034.jpg img_6994.jpg 

How refreshing a vacation with loved ones can be.  My little guy and I have been adopted by a fantastic family and we are so blessed by their graciousness, unconditional love and kindness.  The little man got to spend some much needed time around men, you will notice he likes to try to walk just like them, con them into taking him for a bike ride and exploring the beach at their side.  He also took part in his first “men’s breakfast” a midwestern christian ritual. 

We both enjoyed the time away from the day to day grind, the gorgeous scenery and sand between our toes.  While I can’t speak for my son, I have always wanted to be a part of a large family, thought maybe I would marry into one, not looking near on the horizon so adoption, a very good thing.  And who can resist a luau on the beach, grass skirts, coconut bras and hula hoop contests.  Not us!

 We went tent camping in Michigan, the other members of our family were a little wiser than us (we are young, we will learn) had campers or cabins.  It only rained one night, and we had so wiped out the little guy that he slept right through the thunderstorm.  I was able to keep him dry, I did not fair quite so well.  They do not make tents like they used too!  Apparently I am now 75 and talking about the good old days.  I actually felt 75 after the first night sleeping on the ground.  It occurred to me that my great childhood memories of camping on the “mossy hill trail” were more than 20 years and a hundred pounds ago…

I had a great time and it wasn’t a mirage…again the power of the blog??!

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