Jonathan Lipnicki

June 30, 2007 at 4:02 am (Foster Parenting, Solo Parenting)


Have you spent your days wondering whatever happened to Jonathan Lipnicki?  You know, the “human head weighs 8 pounds” kid from Jerry Maguire.  Well, turns out the kid freakishly has not gotten older.  I found him in a sleepy little river town last friday…

So everyone keeps telling me he looks adorable with them.  And he is adorable no matter what sort of freakish apparatus is strapped to his sweet face, but I am still in mourning.  The kicker?  I have been pushing the Lion’s Club Coming to Our Senses program – which truly my own silly pain aside is an awesome service.  They are able to screen small children 6mo’s-48mo’s for vision/eye problems – with my local child care centers and of all the kids I have lined up for screening, mine comes back in need of referral and now the coke bottles.  The other thing that stabs me is, I thought once when I was looking at one of his portraits that the light refractions in his pupils were slightly off and then I blew it off as one of my “know just enough to be dangerous” made up nursing diagnosis.  Now whenever I look at a picture of his I instantly see the left light refraction is slightly medial and higher…

I need to get over it and I will – I was sort of hoping the power of the blog would take care of it…

Oh and Jonathan’s mom got a little carried away with her ebay purchased hair razor thingy – sorry buddy I will let you have hair again some day.

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  1. editor said,

    “they” are right – he is adorable!

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