The Road Less Traveled

October 8, 2007 at 4:10 am (Uncategorized)

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost.

a fairly famous phrase for most of us.  And for some how we have chosen to live at least a segment of life.  yet know one tells you the rest of the story,as Paul Harvey would say.  That fairly quickly the road less traveled that you have chosen or that was chosen for you or just happened to you or however you got there it just becomes the road you are on.  And there is a reason it is less traveled.  I see the images from the movie Big Fish.  The road probably isn’t really a road at all, its often hard to tell if you are even on the path anymore.  It has been a really long time since you have seen anyone and you get tired and beat up.  But then you meet someone, or you sit down to rest for awhile and find a discarded piece of humanity – a gum wrapper or some other insignificant item and realize that someone else has gone this way before you and you get enough energy to keep going.  The tricky thing is, you think its the road less traveled for just a little while.  There is a hidden “perfect” little town – like in Big Fish, or that actually the path will widen if you just get up over this hill and will become the highway for those who perservered.  But it is the road less traveled.

You get angry, hurt, disappointed and confused because there is no one around and you can’t figure out where everyone went and why they are not there.  you forget it is the road less traveled.  you want them to celebrate with you that you got up and kept going that you fought your way through the brambles, past the twisted ankle and up to the top of the hill.  But you get there and there is no one there to celebrate.  It is just that spot that ironically, diverges with the road much traveled.  And there is a huge parade of people passing you by on that road.  The road less traveled and the much traveled road intersect at a number of points – after all you got on at some point and others are getting on and off, as well.

Maybe you take the road much traveled for awhile or maybe because you are so “other” from your time spent on the road less traveled you either leap back to it or are shoved back by the parade.  And eventually even if you took the much traveled road for awhile there is something about the road less traveled that calls to you.  Where that voice goes when you are on the road less traveled I do not know.  We read books, watch movies and hear stories of people who took the road less traveled, usually after they are dead.  These are the voices that call, that dropped the gum wrappers along the way.  but they become magical and saintly not just beat up, tired, stinky “others” like us.  They didn’t plant the gum wrappers for us, they ate their last scrap of sustenance like you just did.  They didn’t leave behind their story or their coat to encourage you they just became to tired to carry it anymore.  Their road was less traveled, too.  They tripped over that root, and got slapped in the face by a thorny branch and hoped that this was finally the hill that held the promise.  But it wasn’t, it held another hill most likely in sight of the chair lift on the much traveled road.

I guess I just found another scrap of paper that let me know someone has been here before and it’s enough to help me keep going.  My road is not a refugee camp in Darfur, or my fifth foster home this year.  My road is not in the midst of a gang war in a LA, Detroit or Miami.  Its lonely, it is not an easy path but for today and tomorrow I will continue to pick my way along and hope that I am on the right path for me.

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